The Big Question

The clicking sound of the keyboard echoed throughout the small cramped room. Max was deep in thought typing away trying to finish his essay about the Stanley Kubrick classic A Clockwork Orange. He had forgotten about the essay until an hour before his class started, so he had no time to waste. Although this wasContinue reading “The Big Question”

Taking A Break

“Hey look Mom. I made it!” Sammie says walking through the door holding a piece of paper she got in the mail. “What’s this?” Her mom asks, gesturing for the piece of paper. She takes it and looks down at it, realizing it is a letter from the University of Maryland congratulating Sammie for makingContinue reading “Taking A Break”

The Bike Ride

“Hey! Let’s go on a bike ride. That would be fun.” Miranda says to Freddie. The two are sitting in her living room on a calm Saturday afternoon. Freddie sits rigidly in his seat and looks up quickly at Miranda with a concerned yet intrigued look on his face.  “But, what if you fall, orContinue reading “The Bike Ride”