The Big Question

The clicking sound of the keyboard echoed throughout the small cramped room. Max was deep in thought typing away trying to finish his essay about the Stanley Kubrick classic A Clockwork Orange. He had forgotten about the essay until an hour before his class started, so he had no time to waste. Although this was not anything new, forgetting about assignments. Every so often he would look over to a figure sitting on his bed who was also deep in their own world reading a book for their history class. The figure on his bed was his girlfriend Maddie. Maddie would occasionally catch Max gazing at her and she would look up. The two would lock eyes, smile warmly, and then crawl back into the depths of their own minds.  

Max and Maddie had been dating for five months now. The pair seemed much happier and content when they were together. Even though both were swamped with school work they would still find time to hang out and be around eachother. 

With lo fi music playing in the background Max was still deep into the essay he was attempting to write. Cursing every five minutes trying to figure out what to write about because lo and behold, he did not actually watch the movie. Maddie chuckled from his bed in the corner. With her curled up in the blankets, Dunkin iced caramel latte in one hand and Max’s cat in the other she continued on reading her book for her history class, taking notes intently. Although after about fifteen minutes she got bored with that. Maddie looked up at Max again, smirked and pulled out her phone and started the very tedious process of scrolling through her social media. 

After a couple of minutes of scrolling Maddie looked up again at Max. She had a perplexed look on her face and proceeded to shift around in her seat, trying to get comfortable again. Maddie placed down her phone so she could try to focus on her studying, but it was not working and she could not focus anymore. The tapping of her pen on her notebook caught Max’s attention and he turned around to look at her. Their eyes locked on each other again although this time there was fear and confusion in Maddies eyes and Max did not like that. 

After what seemed like forever Maddie asked a question to Max with a plain expression on her face. Emotionless so to speak, except for a slight tilt of the head.

“Do you love me?”

She kept up this emotionless stare off at Max, impatiently awaiting his answer. Max was caught off guard. He knew whatever he said next had a big impact on the both of them. 

“What did you say?” Playing dumb always works he thought.

“You heard me.” Maddie is still keeping up this emotionless state and plain look on her face. Max knew that whatever had happened within the span of fifteen minutes was really bothering her. He sat back in his chair, relaxing his shoulder a little. Letting the quiet and emptiness of the room seep in. The two of them sat in the quiet, then Max turned back around to continue writing his essay. Maddie’s leg started bouncing on the ground and the tapping of the pen got louder. She closed her book and put all her attention on the lingering question. 

“Why won’t you answer me?” A little shakiness could be detected in her voice. The emptiness Max let in did not sit well with her. Max, who was still typing away at his essay stopped briefly again, reached over to the bed to grab Maddie’s hand, who welcomed the reached out hand. Once their hands met Max reached down to kiss it and continued to hold onto her hand while he finished typing his essay. Maddie, still looking intently at Max stopped, took a breath, opened back up her book and continued on taking notes.

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