In The Moment

Emily stood there, staring down the beast at hand. The two had been battling it out for over half an hour now. She was about to give up, but the beast was not.  He whirled around once again trying to run away from Emily, who had a whip in one hand and a lead rope in another. She was simply trying to capture him so she could bring him into the barn for the night, but this guy had other plans.  The beast thought he was smart, but Emily was smarter. This was not her first time doing this, but this one was really testing her patience. Emily’s mom and friend Meghan stood on the other side of the fence impatiently waiting for something to happen. 

The beast at hand was a small 13 hand chincoteague pony that Emily had gotten from an auction. He did not look scary at all. On the outside he was a sweet looking pony that every little girl dreams of having. On the inside though was a demon pony that came straight from hell who would rather eat little girls for breakfast. This guy was fresh and new to the world. Untrained, unsure of every little thing going on around him. He kept going round and round the pen, stopping only briefly, creating a fire-breathing type snort that could be heard for miles. Emily was running out of options, the sun was setting and she needed to get him inside. 

She looked to her mom for support but was met with a simple shrug. Her mom did not even know what to do. 

“Maybe it’s time to give it up Em.”

Emily looked over to her mom with defeat in her eyes. Maybe she’s right Emily said shrugging to herself. She brought down the down whip and started walking towards the gate with the demon pony still going strong behind her. 

“Wait! Don’t give up just yet Emily I know you can do it.” Meghan said encouragingly. “I know you, you can’t give up yet.” 

The brown and white pony who at this point was covered in sweat and showed no signs of stopping kept up this dance he was doing. Then, out of nowhere, the pony stopped. Emily could hear him stop moving behind her which caused Emily to stop in her tracks. The pony waited a couple of seconds, then cautiously walked up to Emily and stood only a couple of feet behind her. Dumbfounded, Emily did not move. She gave him some time to come to the realization that she was not going to hurt him and then Emily slowly turned around. The beast, still unsure, wanted to run but did not. In one quick motion Emily got the leadrope on him before the beast realized what she had done. He tried to run the other way again but could not since Emily was hanging on for dear life. He eventually calmed down enough to where they were able to take him into the barn somewhat calmly and quietly. Emily breathed a sigh of relief when she got him into a stall. While walking away with her mom and best friend by her side she turned and said “I knew I could do it.” 

With a smirk on her face Meghan mumbled “I knew you could too.” 

“I should’ve never doubted you kid.” Emily’s mom said patting her on the back. 

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