Taking A Break

“Hey look Mom. I made it!” Sammie says walking through the door holding a piece of paper she got in the mail.

“What’s this?” Her mom asks, gesturing for the piece of paper. She takes it and looks down at it, realizing it is a letter from the University of Maryland congratulating Sammie for making the Dean’s list last semester. 

“Oh wow. This is great! Congrats love.”

The look of content on her mom’s face made Sammie feel at peace with herself, like she had finally done something right. She had been working hard to get good grades and it looks as if it had finally paid off. This new found accomplishment made her want to work even harder to continue on this good streak, to prove to herself and to others that she was good at what she wanted to do with her life. Becoming a psychology major was not the easiest of majors but it was something that definitely interested her. For once, she was really looking forward to school and this upcoming semester. 

Sammie had always considered herself a good student, not the best but she got by. No straight A’s but apparently good enough to make it onto the Dean’s list. School was always something she had to work really hard on to be able to focus, now it seems as if it’s finally working out in her favor. The question everyone wants to know now is how long that will last? 

Fast forward a month and a half into the semester, things did not go as planned. Do they ever really though?

The pressure of life, the pressure of doing good, being good, and making everyone happy adds up pretty quickly. Then again that’s just how life goes. It is always going to be a rollercoaster of ups and downs that no one has control over. Although Sammie tried, she tried really hard to do good in school and be the perfect child that she thought everyone wanted her to be. Not only that, she was trying to get on her school’s swim team. She thought she could handle it all but quickly realized that being perfect and holding yourself to a certain standard is a lot harder than it seems. Nowadays Sammie was just going through the motions of life, just trying to get by, to survive the day. She knew though that this could not keep going much longer and she needed to do something about it. After her English class one day Sammie sees her friend Maggie hanging out by the dining hall. 

“Hey Maggie!” Sammie says maneuvering her way through the sea of people. 

“Oh hey Sammie, how is everything?”

“Pretty decent I guess.” Sammie is still trying to find the right words to say to Maggie.

“I have been struggling a lot recently trying to juggle everything I have going on, and I know you are also taking a bunch of classes, working, and on the debate team. So I just wanted to know your secret to keeping sane through it all.”

“Well, thats a good question.” Maggie chuckles trying to recall herself. 

“Look, I mean it really is just whatever works for you, but having your priorities straight definitely does help, also making time for yourself and taking lots of breaks help to keep your mind in the right place. Of course though things can get overwhelming at times, but I know you Sammie, you will figure it out, you always do.” she gives Sammie a sincere look, who is intently listening to the wise words her friend was saying. 

 Taking a deep breath of relief Sammie says “Thanks, I really needed that. I’m going to work on it and hopefully it’ll work out.” 

“Of course! Anytime I am always here for you Sammie. I have to go to my next class now, I’ll see you around!”

“Thanks again Maggie.”

Sammie goes home feeling that sense of peace she had all those months ago. She had a new sense of pride and was ready to tackle everything she needed to head on. Sometimes stopping and taking a second to realize everything around us is exactly what we need. Sammie sits down and looks at her desk filled with unfinished work and assignments and starts to re-organize it. 

After a while of organizing Sammie checks her phone and sees a text from Maggie.

 “Oh! Another thing I forgot to mention is that I always eat some Hershey’s chocolate everytime I finish an assignment, it sounds weird but it always helps me and it’s like a little reward for myself!”

Sammie smirks at her phone, sets it back down, and continues cleaning her desk.

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