The Bike Ride

“Hey! Let’s go on a bike ride. That would be fun.” Miranda says to Freddie. The two are sitting in her living room on a calm Saturday afternoon. Freddie sits rigidly in his seat and looks up quickly at Miranda with a concerned yet intrigued look on his face. 

“But, what if you fall, or the bike stops working. I’ve never ridden a bike before, is it hard? I don’t want other people to make fun of me because I don’t know how to ride a bike. Also the weather isn’t the best right so maybe we sh-” 

Miranda cuts off Freddie and rolls her eyes “Dude! It won’t be all that bad I can teach you. Besides, the weather is perfect to learn how to ride a bike!” She says enthusiastically. Trying to show him that there is nothing to be concerned about. “I mean do you have any other ideas of things we could do?”

“I guess not.” He says disheartedly looking down at the ground. 

“I- I mean I don’t know still. Do you even have a bike? Or at least another bike for me to use. I don’t want to take yours if you’re going to use it.” Freddie is still fidgeting in his seat and glances outside quickly. 

Miranda sighs, seated on the other side in a comfortable position and fighting the urge to start yelling at Freddie says. “Freddie, it’s ok! I want to help you and teach you how to ride a bike. It would be fun!”

He looks up again and a soft smile forms over his face. “Really? If you want to I guess that would be fun.” 

Miranda, delighted, jumps out of her seat “Awesome! Let’s go then!”

Miranda starts walking towards the door with Freddie following not far behind.

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