Never Ending Story

“Wow Morgan, look at this sweater isn’t it really cute?” Cathy, Morgan’s mom says with enthusiasm as she holds up a pink striped sweater. 

“Yeah, it’s not bad but you know I don’t like stripes. Or pink.” Morgan turns to face her mom, sighs and slowly starts walking towards the front entrance at the Kohls that they were in.

They had been in here for hours. Morgan was already done and wanted desperately to go home. Although her mother on the other hand had a different agenda. This had always happened. They would go shopping together. Morgan would find what she needed and be finished in fifteen minutes and be ready to go home already.. Then her mom would take at least another hour. Going through everything. Really, everything. Even the kids clothes she most certainly could not wear anymore. 

“Honey where are you going? We have a whole other section to go through!” Her mom waves her back over from the junior dress section. 

Morgan does not wear dresses. Her mom knows that. 

That was it, she needed to come up with a plan to get her out of here and fast. Slowly inching toward the door every two seconds clearly was not working. This had quickly turned into a rescue mission and Morgan was bound and determined to be the one rescued. Her next move would be for Morgan to start walking towards the door but to somehow make her mom walk towards the door. 

“Hey mom, look at those cool pajama sets over by the door. You might like a pair of those.” Morgan quickly looked over to her mom and noticed her look to where she was pointing. It seemed as if her plan had worked and she was finally going to be rescued! 

Until her mom noticed the kids toys on the other side of the door and wanted to go look at them for some potential Christmas presents next year. 

“Oh Morgan! Look at this cute little baby onesie! Should I buy it for you for when you have kids?” She chuckles,  “Kidding of course!”

The plan had failed. Another half hour and they were still here. Baby clothes? Not a good sign. Morgan needed another plan and fast. She had played nice guy for too long and it was finally time to get out of here. She frantically looked around for something that could maybe distract her mom to the point where Morgan could get her to the door. Then, out of the blue she receives a text from her friend Lindsey. The text had said that Lindsey needed her help packing up things to move to her college dorm so she asked Morgan. 

That could not have been said at a better time. Morgan starts walking over to her mom and shows her the text Lindsey has sent her. “Looks like we gotta go mom.” Morgan had said shrugging her shoulders and walking towards the door with confidence. They both start walking toward the door. This is it! Lindsey saved the day, never thought that would happen. Morgan thought to herself. Just as the automatic door opened and Morgan walked outside she turned around to see that her mom was not behind her like she had thought. 

Another twenty minutes later, they were finally leaving. Leaving with three bags full of random things that they really did not need. They went on this trip to get some nice fall clothes for back to school, but came out with not only that but a nerf gun for her cousin and so much more. Defeated, Morgan walked to the car head down. Her mom on the other hand could not have been happier with the trip they had just gone on and the items they had found. They loaded up the car and got in and drove off. Morgan pulled out her phone to text Lindsey and tell her that she was not going to be able to help her later. Right and there then she decided that she would only go on shopping trips alone from now on. 

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