All For Fun

Yelling. People running. The umpire yelled from a distance. Jackson stood there like a fish out of water. What exactly was he doing here? He did not even know really. He was just told by his parents that he had to come support his cousin who played baseball for a little league team called the Atlantic All-Stars. Not once in his life has Jackson played the sport let alone been to a game. Basically he had no clue what was going on and he was very out of place.

The blue hair, dark-colored clothes, and pierced ears were a dead giveaway that he was not a regular sports goer. Although that was not the reason why he did not want to be here. It was the loud, boisterous crowds, people running around in all directions, and numerous regulars yelling at the players. He was sitting there in a sea of people, not entirely sure how to act.

Jackson’s dad came from behind and placed a baseball cap on Jackson’s head. 

“There! Now you look like you know what you’re doing!” he said patting Jackson on the back.

“Thanks, I was worried about that.” he said reluctantly. Adjusting the cap and putting it backward. His dad gave him “The look.” and continued to watch the game.

“Wow! We’re up by five points, GO ALL-STARS.” his dad stood up and yelled as loud as he could. 

Jackson jumped a bit out of his seat when he did that without warning. All the loud sounds and people moving in all directions made him anxious. He preferred his nice quiet room where he could put in headphones and jam out while editing.

Jackson was currently in his senior year of highschool. After highschool he wanted to go to college to study film production. Something he had been passionate about for a while now. For him, it was an escape to another world, a place where he felt like he could really be himself and be able to express himself in the way he wants to. But for now, he’s stuck in this foreign place where baseballs are flying around the field left and right. 

“BATTER UP!” The umpire yelled.

Number fifty-eight stepped up to the plate and got into position. His eyes were on the ball, nowhere else. Swinging the bat around he prepared for the hit. The pitcher winded up for the throw and then BAM! He let go of the ball and it went whirling down to where number fifty-eight was able to swing and hit the ball. It went flying. Everything looked up for the ball, but it was not there. Gone with the blink of an eye. Then out of nowhere the spectators and everyone in the ballpark saw number seventeen who was out in left field go to catch it. But, it slipped, right out of his hands like butter. Then goes the wild goose chase after this ball. All while number fifty-eight was sprinting around the bases and back to home plate in no time. One point to the Atlantic All-stars. 

Jackson was dumbfounded. All of it happened in the matter of seconds. He was suddenly intrigued. This fast-paced unknown sport was growing on him. Maybe it was not so scary after all. 

Just then an older gentleman walked by Jackson’ seat and started yelling at the opposing team. Saying some obscure things about how they should take their useless good-for-nothing pitcher and shove it someplace. Then Jackson came back from his deep thinking and realized that just how he is interested and passionate about film and film making, these people are passionate about baseball. Although this may not have been his favorite thing and he was still petrified of all the people, and still very confused with the actual sport, he was able to work past all of that and almost enjoy the last half of the game. 

Once Jackson got home from the long day he got on his computer and started looking up baseball movies and how to properly shoot one. He talked with his cousin, whose team had won that day, and they were working on making a short film to help promote the baseball team. 

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