A Ways Away

On the busy street that was filled with people out doing yard work and children playing a big green truck was making its way down the street. It read Solomen’s moving company. The truck pulled to a stop in front of a small apartment complex that said on the sign Riverside Apartment Complex. Just then a girl came walking out of the building and came to greet the truck driver. She gave a warm smile to him and they talked for a bit. He proceeded to hand her a form which she signed and handed back to the man. They both moved to the back of the truck to start unloading it.

Katherine, or Kat, whom her friends call her, was a twenty year old who had just moved to the outskirts of Chicago to start a fancy new job at a big corporate office. All of this was new to her, she had never been on her own before and this was her first big job. Moving hundreds of miles away from her hometown in Maryland was terrifying yet exciting at the same time. 

Kat and the moving guys started the long and tedious process of moving everything in. Luckily there was not a lot since she had just moved out of her parents. It still was not fun moving the big couch she took from her childhood basement up the four flights of stairs. Although after what seemed like forever but was only a few hours later they were all done. Kat paid the moving guys and they were on their way. She lethargically moved up the stairs to her new apartment for the hundredth time today. Once in, she closed the door and slid down to the floor and sat there for a couple minutes taking everything in. She still was having trouble wrapping her head around the fact that she was a grown up now. Her own place all to herself and a big girl job kids only dreamed about having. Two years ago she was in such a rut and was so unhappy she did not know where she wanted to go in life, but now she’s here, and is loving it. 

Eventually she got up and started walking around her apartment, taking everything in. From the small kitchen that barely had a working stove to the bedroom that was more like a walk in closet. It did not matter though since she did not need a lot, just enough to get her started in this new chapter of her life. 

By this time it was about five and Kat was starving. She had not eaten anything all day since she was moving. Being the typical young adult that she is she decided to go and get some take out at the local pizzeria. Once she found her wallet and keys she went to open the door and was greeted by a very familiar face instead.

Her childhood best friend Lindsey. 

“Oh! Where are we going?” Lindsey asks jokingly.

Kat, still in shock from the entity that was standing before her stuttered out “I- I was g-gonna go get some food.” Once the realization hits her she shouts out “ But what are you doing here!”

“I had to come surprise my best friend in her new endeavors in doing fancy adult things.” She said in her own endearing sarcastic ways. 

“This is great! I was worried I was going to start getting homesick but then you showed up! Lindsey I’m so glad you’re here, wanna tour of the place?”

“Maybe later, I’m starving and I’m sure you are too, you always are!”

“You, my friend, are not wrong.” she chuckled as the door left out the door. 

Upon their return an hour later with their foot long sub and greasy french fries in hand the two sat on the floor since there was no dining table or chairs yet and talked and caught up like no time had passed. It had been about an hour of talking later and then Lindsey said “Not gonna lie I still do wish you had stayed and we had moved in together like we planned all those years ago.”

Kat, caught off guard a bit said “You know yeah me too, but things do change and especially people change. I wanted to stay but back then I was not the person I wanted to be, the person I knew I could be. To really find myself I had to get away. Leaving you and everyone else behind was one of the hardest decisions I had to make in my life.” 

“I’m sure it was.” Lindsey said, sounding sincere. “I’m glad at least one of us is going off and making something out of there lives.”

“You will too I know it, you just have to finish with school first.”

“Yeah that might be awhile.” Quickly changing the subject Lindsey sighed a deep breath “So how about that apartment tour now?”

“Yeah of course.” She said climbing up from off the floor.

Lindsey and Katherine started walking around the almost empty apartment, except for a few boxes laying around. Lindsey next to Kat points out absurd things like the fact that the bathroom light keeps flickering and that she should get a hot electrician to fix it. Kat just chuckles and moves into the bedroom where Lindsey stops, busts out laughing, and leaves. Right there Kat knew that she had made the right choice. It may have not been a lot but it was enough for her. 

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